Department of Differential Equations to date has comprised:

4 professors, 14 associate professors, 8 senior lecturers, 1 assistants.


prof. Dudkin M.E. department manager. >>

prof. Pelyukh G.P. >>

prof. Stanzhickiy O.M. >>

as. prof. Volkov A.V. >>

as. prof. Grechko A.L. >>

as. prof. Denisenko N.L. >>

as. prof. Dzira B.I. >>

as. prof. Zrazhevskaja V.F. >>

as. prof. Karnaukhova T.V. >>

as. prof. Mironec' O.A. >>

as. prof. Mogileva V.V. >>

as. prof. Novikova G.K. >>

as. prof. Panasyuk N.M. >>

as. prof. Povarova O.A. >>

as. prof. Selezneva F.G. >>

as. prof. Trofimchuk O.P. >>

as. prof. Cherney M.I. >>

g. teacher Verigina I.V. >>

g. teacher Vladimirov V.M. >>

g. teacher Gerasimchuk I.V. >>

g. teacher Massalitina E.V. >>

g. teacher Savkina M.Yu. >>

g. teacher Eremina T.O. >>

g. teacher Tseshkovskiy S.Yo. >>

manager by a laboratory - Vaschenko T.A.

manager by a laboratory - Tsepkalo V.I.